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Stoney Expressions

(all things bling)

A grating-voiced man once said, "Everybody loves getting stones..."

Prized natural gemstones gathered from around the World, purported to have healing properties and undeniably beautiful, form a custom compilation.  Created with care in the hope of reflecting individual personal aesthetics while expressing sincere intentions for health, happiness, and harmonious well-being.  Each bracelet is secured with a hand designed interlocking bead "clasp" which allows for adjustment ease and a perfect fit.

Send a message via 3.2.1. Contact to request a special design (please include color preferences/ personal interests/ birthstones) or inquire about availability. 


Pictures of the gemstones and a list of their metaphysical properties is available here.


Because You Rock!

prices based on bead rarity

availability varies

$20-$30 avg. /$40-$60 avg. double

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