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Irene Elizabeth O'Leary

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Irene's creative spirit was honed while being immersed in disparate communities ranging from Long Beach, California to the remote woods of Rockwood, Maine.  Her travels fostered a love and respect for the natural world and curiosity and admiration for its denizens and the diversity they bring to it.

While earning a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts & Sciences with Concentrations in Medical Illustration, Fine Arts Sculpture, and Biology at Rochester Institute of Technology, Irene developed an early interest in Ocularistry (Ocular Prosthetics) and a deep desire to help those in need. Her passion manifested within the field of Ophthalmology where she helps others to preserve and restore their sight while convincing patients that having someone poke them in the eye can be fun. 

Irene continues to bring her creative visions (and those of others requesting creative solutions) to life:   one photograph, graphic project/digital design/word wielding, illustration/drawing/painting, or sculpture at a time. 

Hand crafted semi-precious gemstone bracelets wielding the power of intent and the beauty of nature are a recent addition to her portfolio. These offer high quality hand selected stones arranged in aesthetically pleasing patterns. They can be shared with those close to you as an expression of your hopes for their health, happiness, and well-being, or proudly displayed on your own wrist as a reminder to embrace your own personal fulfillment and inner peace.

Here & There, Now & Then, A This & That-er from Wherever, Purveyor of Fine Puns & Capricious Wit.

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