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A new champion emerges!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The fur flew as Dachshund champions old and new strut their stubby stuff down the green runways of Wolff Biergarten's Wiener Dog Raceway during Albany, NY's Oktoberfest on September 30, 2019!

Congratulations, Wesley!

Haute Doggies Race |

Winning our Hearts

We welcomed Fall with a celebration of all things German: brats, wursts, pretzels, steins, lederhosen, and lots and lots of dashing Dachshunds! Special commendations to Scout for "Best Attitude," and newcomer, Wesley, this year's Ultimate Champion, who overtook the ever ferocious returning champion (and rubber chicken aficionado) Pistachio!

Bearing witness to the outpouring of pet love, and universal support from a full-bellied festive crowd, this furtive photographer can attest: all walked (or waddled) away wieners, er- winners...

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for this four-legged sport, hope to see you all again next year!

(My money will be on "Pup-Pup," aka Max(-imus Cuteness), who at 5 months old, raced his teeny tiny Blue Merle self all the way to the finish line without looking back, you got this next year bud!)

If you recognize any of these fierce furry competitors feel free to link them to this post so they can save a picture of their goofy and glorious gallops.

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